Why The Future Ain’t What It Used To Be (And What To Do About It)

Why The Future Ain't What It Used To Be

How does the education cartel keep the bucks rolling into its bank accounts? By brainwashing you with an outdated myth about the future – that big corporations will take care of you once you’ve paid your dues with a college education.

That’s been true for the last century during the Industrial Age, when 90 per cent of people worked for others, and 10 per cent were self-employed. For most of human history, though, the reverse was true. Only 10 per cent worked for others and 90 per cent were self-employed.

That’s where things are heading today. We’ve come full circle, for two reasons:

  • Advances in technology mean companies need fewer people to be productive.
  • Constant economic uncertainty means companies are hiring more and more from temporary staffing agencies. This goes for all parts of the economy, not just secretaries and blue-collar workers, but professional and executive positions, too.

“The day and age of massive corporations that take care of us from beginning to end are over,” confirms Dick Costolo, the CEO of Twitter. “But that’s exciting news,” he says. “It means we can choose the life we want for ourselves.”

Your choices are limited, though, if you saddle yourself with debt to get a college degree, spending four years (or more) learning stuff that will be obsolete by the time you graduate. With the Dream Degree, you can finish in half the time and for one-fourth the cost (or less).

No, the future ain’t what it used to be. Those who follow the well-worn college path will be swallowed up in the shift that’s happening.

For Dream Degree graduates, the future couldn’t be better. By doing college on their terms, they have the chance to pursue their interests, get job experience, and launch the lives they always wanted.

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