Six Ways To Impress Employers With Your Dream Degree

As discussed here, a college degree doesn’t impress employers any more–unless you didn’t get it like the rest of the crowd.

When you earn your diploma the Dream Degree way, unshackled by debt and in half the time of your peers, you show employers that:

You finish what you start – 40% of college students haven’t earned a four-year degree even after six years of study!

You think outside the box – you designed and executed your own degree plan instead of mindlessly following the path of the masses.

You have initiative, motivation, and self-discipline, because you scheduled, studied for, and passed a series of challenging exams to earn your degree.

You have time management skills, planning and finishing your degree in record time.

You can work independently.

You’re a problem-solver who figured out a way to get a college degree on your own terms.

Highlighting these points in a cover letter or job interview makes prospective employers see your degree as a real achievement, not just a piece of paper like everyone else has. Compared to a job candidate with an ordinary college diploma, which do you think an employer will remember?

Yep, go to the head of the class. Check out the Dream Degree and get started.

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