Secrets & Shortcuts

Sucked Into The System (Or, “You’ve Been Punked”)

College is expensive, and costs keep going up. The education cartel is a multi-billion dollar industry that wants to suck you into the system and keep you there. Here’s what you need to know so you don’t get punked.

What Doesn’t Matter (Myths & Misinformation)

Are you fixated about getting into your “dream school” or wondering what to major in? You’re stressing about the wrong things. Find out what else you believe about college that may not be true.

What Really Matters (It’s Not What You Think)

Only three things matter when it comes to getting a college degree. They have nothing to do with your school, your major, or your grade point average (GPA). Surprised? The sooner you get these three things straight, the better.

Student Loans (Avoiding a Debt Sentence)

You know what student loans are? They’re dream killers. Don’t be shackled for the rest of your life “until debt do you part.” There’s a better way.

Scholarships (The Fatal Attraction)

Okay, I’ll come right out with it. Applying for college scholarships is a waste of time. Heresy, you say? You’ll change your mind when you read these posts.

Hating On Harvard (Games the Ivies Play)

Find out why “top” schools want you to apply even though they have no intention of admitting you. Discover how an Ivy League degree can harm, rather than help, you—and other secrets you won’t find anywhere else.

I Love Loopholes (Cheap & Fast Ways To Earn College Credit)

Who doesn’t love a deal? If you think you can’t afford a college degree, you need to know about these powerful hacks for getting your diploma.

Tripwires (What’s Holding You Back That Shouldn’t)

When it comes to college, doing the “safe” thing can be hazardous to your future. Discover why “WTWTCH?” should be your mantra.

Launching Your Life With Your Dream Degree

So what do you do once you’ve earned a college degree unshackled by student debt, and in half the time of your peers? Anything you want. Check out these exciting opportunities.