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Ready to play by the college game by your own rules? The Dream Degree can get you that diploma in half the time, and for a fraction of the cost, of what “they” say it takes.

The Dream Degree is not about doing college as usual. Hundreds of books and websites already cover that.

You know their mantra. Get good grades, ace the SAT or ACT test, and fill out reams of financial aid forms. Oh, and be “well rounded” by participating in lots of extracurricular activities while in high school. Then package yourself so colleges will admit you, preferably with generous scholarships.

This process is not only stressful, it’s so yesterday. For most students, it doesn’t work.

Forget about thinking you’ll get scholarships to cover the cost of college. There’s more competition for those awards than ever. The straight-up truth is that scholarships are tough to get, even for top students.

For most of us, loans are what colleges are pushing. Big loans. About 80 per cent of students take out loans to finance college. Most graduate with so much debt, they’ll still be paying it off when they’re 50 or even 60 years old.

How can you launch your future with a ball-and-chain of debt dragging you down? You can’t, unless you use strategies like the Dream Degree to pay less. Lots less.

You won’t hear about the Dream Degree from your teachers, counselors, or from the colleges themselves. They’re part of a multi-billion-dollar education cartel that’s designed to suck you into the system and keep you there.

Not for long, though. The genie’s out of the bottle. Each year, more and more students use the Dream Degree to earn a diploma on their own terms—without the need for scholarships or loans.

Are you ready to join their ranks? Then put on your Red Sneakers. Use the Dream Degree and blaze a path to that bright future you’ve been dreaming about.

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