Hi there, my name is Alice Valenzuela. My husband Roberto and I raise cattle and sheep on a ranch near the Arizona-Mexico border.

You’re probably thinking, “Huh? What does that have to do with getting a Dream Degree?” A lot, actually.

Before ranching, Roberto and I worked in California’s Silicon Valley with our fancy MBAs (Master’s in Business Administration). He was a systems analyst at Hewlett-Packard. I was a news reporter, but I prefer to call myself an Information Junkie. I love using information to beat the status quo. Knowledge is power, right?

One day, we put on our Red Sneakers and escaped our Dilbert cubicles at the end of the freeway. We headed to the ranch for the good life with our two young sons. Before long, they were ready for that overpriced racket called college.

Like most people, we couldn’t pay those sky-high tuitions. We refused to finance college by taking out loans. We didn’t want our sons to incur debt, either. Now what? Information Junkie to the rescue!

Thanks to my passion for research, I discovered how to get an accredited college degree in half the time and for one-fourth the cost of what “they” say it takes. Or even less! Now my obsession is sharing those secrets with others.

I designed the Dream Degree program so you can earn your diploma without the need for scholarships or loans. Don’t spend another penny on college until you check it out.

Save thousands on college—make that tens of thousands—and claim the brilliant future you deserve. Don’t just get a college degree. Get a Dream Degree.

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